A very limited and special addition to the Heretic Parfum collection.

Inspired by the enfleurage technique used in times past to capture the essences of unyielding flowers, Tahitian gardenia (also known as tiare flower) blends with grandiflorum jasmine, traces of Indian tuberose and grassy vetiver for a deeply sensual and intoxicating experience.

Inspired by moonlit nights and tropical gardenias, the rich and buttery base is comprised of organic vegetable, flower, and palm waxes blended with flower essential oils and absolutes and poured in a sterling silver compact. Once empty, the case can be returned for a refill.

Solid Perfumes are not for everyone—They are intimate and for the perfumer lover. The buttery material melts into the skin and merges with the body. Solid perfumes do not project like alcohol-based fragrances, they wear close, hugging the body like lingerie or a lover’s embrace.

Run your fingers over the surface, warming the oils, and apply to the pulse points of the body or anywhere you want the scent to be discovered.

Made from sterling silver, the 1.5” diameter hinged case is compact and unspillable, ideal for travel.