What would it smell like if a flower had an orgasm?
It starts with a spark of pleasure; soft, tingling, sensations of Pink Pepper and Bergamot radiate through the top chord giving way to the deepest aspects of Linden and orange blossom. At the base, tuberose milk, narcotic jasmine and delicate ylang-ylang seduce the senses and spark the imagination.

Why is this fragrance milky?
High alcohol levels (180 or above) emulsifies waxy and heavy floral extracts. We lowered the alcohol content in this particular formula, which allowed some of the raw floral notes to come forward and caused a milky appearance. We loved it and felt that it added to the fantastic drama of Florgasm. Enjoy!



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Original art by Jana Brike, “Gardener and the Centre of the Universe”

“Jana Brike’s incredible work was pinned to my vision board as I worked on blending this fragrance. Her work is bold, original, innocent and provocative and truly embodied the feeling I wanted Florgasm to have. I reached out to her to see if she would allow us to use this painting as the image for Florgasm and was thrilled that she agreed.” – Douglas Little, Founder/Perfumer

The Artist’s Statement:

“The sexuality of a woman has been – and still is – owned by men in our culture. In art, movies, commerce, fashion etc and thus popular culture – which we take as an axiom – female sexuality is defined by men for the most part and squeezed into their mental standard box. Everything that falls over its narrow edges, is cut off. We look at ourselves through the eyes of a male to decide if we look “sexy” for them, and that is for the most part seen as the sexuality of a woman. Male sexuality is self-centered, female sexuality is off-center, and it is harming for both.

In my late teenage years, I tried to comply and it felt awful. I felt so disconnected from my own body, which through this objectified approach is mentally owned by another. So I often rejoin my own self through touching on sexuality in a way that is fully owned by me and is creative, through art. But femininity is of course much more than just sexual. And I do feel we need to reconnect to that wild free intuitive aspect, stop fearing it and fall back in love with it again.

An important theme for me is ‘Virgo the Virgin’ in the original sense of the word, (especially having it as my birth sign). The word itself is Latin with an approximate meaning of strong, self-contained, and self-sufficient. It was originally attributed to women who were not married, thus not a property of a man. They were free to determine themselves: mythical goddesses like Diana, temple priestesses or prostitutes. It did not mean sexual “chastity” but sexual independence and the self-determination of a woman. So a “virgin mother” which is a persistent myth through many cultures, may originally mean nothing close to immaculate conception at all, but rather it’s about a free woman giving birth. Symbolically, if the feminine in us is enslaved, abused, owned and ordered around as a property, it cannot give birth and rise to a hero. And every other meaning may just be distortions by cultures that have wanted to manipulate us into willingly giving away our self-power.” – Jana Broke


First off, there is no official definition of the term “natural” by the FDA, which governs cosmetics. (source)

When we say that Heretic fragrances are composed of natural ingredients, we mean that all of the ingredients were extracted from a plant by steam or heat extraction, cold pressing, or carbon dioxide extraction.

Below is a complete list of the ingredients in our perfume and an explanation for how each ingredient was extracted from the plant

Non-GMO sugar cane alcohol


Triethyl Citrate – Citric Acid extracted by molecular distillation from citrus peels and egg whites.

Coriandrum Sativum Extract and Cinnamomum Camphora Linalooliferum Extract Benzyl Salicylate

Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Flower Oil

Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed Oil

Cananga Odorata Flower Oil

Benzyl Acetate – Organic compound found in many fruits, flowers, herbs and teas. Used as a natural preservative

Methyl Anthranilate

Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Leaf/Twig Extract

Citrus Limonum Peel Extract – cold pressed, essential oil from peel of lemons

Schinus Terebinthifolia Fruit Extract

Mixed Ionones

Pimenta Officinalis (Pimento) Fruit Extract



Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Flower Extract

Polianthes Tuberosa Extract

Jasminum Grandiflorum (Jasmine) Flower Extract

This fragrance contains 100.0% natural essential oils and/or naturally derived materials as defined by ISO Standard 9235 – Aromatic natural raw materials vocabulary.


Jasmine: Attracts love/romance, boosts mood, promotes sexual healing, aphrodisiac/increases libido

Rose: Soothes and protects skin, promotes romantic love and healthy relationships, aphrodisiac, promotes self-love

Tuberose: Aphrodisiac/Increases libido, relaxing/calming, promotes sensuality and sensual confidence

Ylang-Ylang: Considered an effective antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative and aphrodisiac. It has a positive effect on immune health, blood flow and emotions, making it a natural remedy for the endocrine, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive systems.

Orange Blossom: Promotes clean and clear personal energy. Associated with positive relationship building and strong interpersonal bonds, brings good fortune, enhances beauty and promotes fertility.

Linden Blossom: Relieves Insomnia/promotes peaceful and restful sleep, stress relief, prompts creativity

notes from the perfumer

If a flower’s sole purpose is sexual reproduction, does the flower orgasm? This is where the idea for Florgasm emerged. I wanted to explore a fragrance that was wild, innocent, sensual and intimate.

It’s a fragrance of fresh cut stems, rumpled leaves, crushed petals and milky-white sap. Florgasm opens with bitter orange leaves and sweet coriander woven together with Italian Bergamot and sparkling Pink Pepper.

Orange Blossom, French Tuberose and exotic Grandiflorium Jasmine form the full and sensual heart chord laced with delicate Ylang-Ylang. Ambrette seed creates the addictive and animalic musk that dances and lingers on the skin with its rich, sweet, leathery undertones.

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