Tart. Delicious and just a little naughty.
Zesty lemon, Italian Bergamot, Lime and bitter citrus leaves are sullied with sexy patchouli, Australian sandalwood, juniper and feisty black pepper.



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As a perfumer I am always looking for powerful imagery that gives shape to this invisible world. Scent is perhaps one of the most influential of our senses however, it lacks shape and substance and relies on imagery to tell its stories. The walls of my fragrance studio are cluttered with hundreds of images that inspire and provoke ideas for up and coming projects. A color, texture or posture often sparks an idea for some new combination of fragrances.

Dirty Lemon was almost finished and I began to think about visuals that could tell its tart and delicious story. I remembered seeing a provocative fruit image on a friends Instagram page and reached out to the artist who made it- Tony Futura.

Tony Futura, is a digital artist based in Berlin, He likes simple motifs with a surprising twist. In his works, he places familiar images in a new context, creating surreal art to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern day life. His brilliant use of color, humor and wit are nothing short of genius.

I immediately fell in love with his “lemons” image and asked if we could use it in tandem with the debut of the Dirty Lemon fragrance.

You can see more of Tony’s work at:


First off, there is no official definition of the term “natural” by the FDA, which governs cosmetics. (source)

When we say that Heretic fragrances are composed of natural ingredients, we mean that all of the ingredients were extracted from a plant by steam or heat extraction, cold pressing, or carbon dioxide extraction.

Below is a complete list of the ingredients in our perfume and an explanation for how each ingredient was extracted from the plant

· Non-GMO sugar cane alcohol
· Water
· Triethyl Citrate – Citric Acid extracted by molecular distillation from citrus peels and egg whites.
· Citrus Limonum peel extract– cold pressed, essential oil from peel of lemons.
· Citrus Aurantium Beramia (Bergamot) -essential oil is steam distilled from the peel of the Bergamot fruit.
· Citrus Limon Leaf/Stem oil- (lemon petitgrain) -essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of the lemon tree.
· Juniperus Mexicana oil– essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of Juniper.
· Benzoic Acid / Benzyl Acetate are organic compounds found in many fruits, flowers, herbs and teas and is used as a natural preservative.
· Citrus Aurantifolia (lime) Fruit Extract– essential oil is steam distilled from the peel of the Lime fruit.
· Santalum Austrocaledonicum Wood Oil– essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Sandalwood tree.
· Schinus terebinthifolia essential oil– is steam distilled from peppercorns of the Brazilian pink pepper tree.
· Piper Nigrum Fruit Oil essential oil- is steam distilled from black peppercorns.
· Cananga odorata essential oil -is steam distilled from the flowers of the cananga tree. Considered the cousin to ylang ylang the fragrance has similar qualities with greener aspects.
· Ethyl Benzoate – is an ester formed by the condensation of benzoic acid and ethanol and is used for its fruity, dry and green aspects.
· Pogostemon cablin essential oil– is steam distilled from the leaves of patchouli


Lemon – best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and it’s widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, rejuvenate energy, purify skin, fight bacteria and alleviate depression.

Bergamot – Known to build confidence and enhance your mood, bergamot oil is one of the best essential oils for depression and it helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Black Pepper – energizing, mental clarity

Ylang-Ylang – considered an effective antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative and aphrodisiac. It has a positive effect on immune health, blood flow and emotions, making it a natural remedy for the endocrine, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive systems.

Sandalwood – helps to increase a sense of calmness and greater mental clarity.

Patchouli – elevates your mood, relaxes the mind and body and acts as an aphrodisiac.

notes from the perfumer

My “Dirty” series is about taking classic, beautiful ingredients and putting a new spin on them- letting their hair down, smudging their lipstick and exploring new territory.

I wanted to build a fragrance around the spontaneous and energetic aspects of lemons but wanted to bring something new and even a little naughty to lemons squeaky clean nature.

There is something outrageously intoxicating about the fragrance of a lemon tree when it’s been baked in the sun. Every part of the tree gives off some new, exhilarating aroma. Even the dirt around the tree seems to have a citrus-y fragrance. It took a sweltering afternoon picking fruit in a citrus orchard with a rowdy bunch of friends, a few bottles of rosé and the idea for Dirty Lemon was born.

At the top of the fragrance you will find cold-pressed, lemon oil from South Africa, Lemon Petitgrain- an essential oil extracted from the leaves and stems of the lemon tree, lime essential oil, Mexican Juniper, pink pepper, black pepper, and Italian Bergamot. At the heart of the fragrance is ylang ylang absolute and at the base Australian Sandalwood and sultry-sexy, Patchouli.

The fragrance begins with a bright, puckering-pop from the lemon and lime that is amplified by the pink and black pepper, this gives way to a bitter, green note created with an essential oil distilled from the leaves and stems of the lemon tree called Lemon Petitgrain. The sweet notes in Dirty Lemon are created when Bergamot meets Ylang Ylang- the result is a mezmerizing, fresh-citrus-y, floral note that is spectacular. As the fragrance dries down the pop-y, lemon and lime fade and settles into citrus blossoms, hot sandalwood, traces of juniper and hints of patchouli that make this so damn sexy.