Tell us about your background.

I was born in year 1980 in Riga, Latvia, a small country in the North-East of Europe. I studied academical painting in the Art Academy of Latvia and received M.A. degree in 2005. I have exhibited my work internationally in professional venues since 1996, when I was still a young teenager, and have had more than a dozen solo exhibitions and nearly 100 other projects and group exhibitions all over the world. My main interest is visual art with a strong narrative and depiction of a figure, mostly using the traditional medium of oil painting on canvas, but also drawing, animation, mixed media sculpture, installation and digital art.

What is the story behind this painting “Gardener and the Centre of the Universe”? What inspired you?

I think there is very little depiction of female sexuality and pleasure from a female point of view in the arts and in our culture. It was always one of my objectives in my art – to make sense of it, to depict it in a metaphorical way. My entire painting process is my own visual auto-biography. This series of paintings capture the essence of femininity to me, of self-acceptance, self-love in the broadest sense of the word, search for some sort of transcendental quality of pleasure.

Your painting inspired the creation of our Florgasm fragrance before we even knew who you were. When we eventually contacted you, what made you decide to collaborate with Heretic? 

It was definitely because of how natural and beautiful your fragrances feel. I felt the image and the fragrance would just add to and compliment each other.

If you could describe this painting as a scent, what would it smell like?

If I’d have to describe just the painting, I am sure it would smell differently to each different person, according to what moves you personally, but definitely intoxicating like first love.

What makes you a modern day HERETIC, or non-conformist?

I just can’t buy into the mass worldview, much as I’d sometimes like to. The consumerism, media and all the mass mental intoxication instruments work to subdue, conceal and help to forget that inner emptiness, that void in which our image exists, but I however like nothing better than to listen to its music of silence.

What is your most profound memory regarding fragrance?

When we live our adult lives stuck inside our heads and engaged in our daily problems, we pay very little attention to physical senses like smell. However, there is a fragrance to life when we live in the moment, open our attention, mind and heart to the world around. There is a fragrance to every season – smell of snow, of wet earth, freshly mowed grass. I cannot single out one fragrance or memory, but the world without the smell would be so much poorer.

When you think of sensuality, what fragrance or scents come to mind?

Forest strawberries, mint, clean human skin, and more – actually a cocktail of scents that remind me of places where I have felt safe and happy.

If you could give your childhood self advice, what would it be?

Don’t try to grow up too fast, live the moment. And most importantly always know – you are worthy of love.